WOLFF has a special promotion on the Phoenix 1600 welder and Fräsmaster grooving machine. Buy both for only £1675 and get a free double knife sheath & 2 Wolff knives worth over £76.00! This offer is only available until 31st March, so order now!

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Phoenix 1600

Hand-operated welding machine

  • Adjustable temperature from 40°C-700°C
  • Heating tube protection
  • Easy-to-clean air filter






Phoenix 1600, single nozzle 5 mm, speed welding nozzle 5 mm, in carrying case

Technical specifications:

230 V/115 V, 1.6 kW, continuously adjustable temperature 40°C-700°C

Article Number:

80081 115 V

81826 230 V

Fräsmaster grooving machine

The powerful WOLFF floor joint groover with hard metal grooving disc

  • automatic depth control to ensure full grooving of joints even on uneven substrates
  • with adjustable lateral guiding wheel, e.g. for applying studded rubber floors
  • faster and more powerful through an improved power transfer
  • improved chip pan for low dust emission
  • hand guard when machine is raised to prevent accidents
  • easy changing of grooving discs
  • simple setting of grooving depth up to 5 mm - even on floors with great unevenness
  • 3 wheels for perfect running gear stability to avoid wedging
  • floor surface will not be damaged since the grooving disc recesses automatically when the handle is lifted
  • integrated electronic starting current limiter for a soft start









Technical specifications:
230 V/115 V, 1.5 kW, 6,000 - 10,000 rpm, soft start, emicircular HM grooving disc 3.3 mm, 12 teeth, diameter 130 mm

Fräsmaster, HM grooving disc 3.3 mm, tool kit, dust bag, protective goggles, hearing protection, Systainer box

Article Number:

15711 115 V

50154 230 V

*Includes a Fräsmaster (article 15711), Phoenix 1600 (article 80081), double knife sheath (article 15591) & two Wolff knives (article 48221). The promotion runs from 1st February to 31st March 2018, while stocks last. Price excludes VAT.